Ballybrado News

Dear friends,

1983 – the year when we arrived in Ireland to start organic farming this country was very different compared with today. All food was good and if we had listened to the people we would have
turned back straight away because “the Irish don’t go for that”.

Well, the first years were indeed very, very difficult but once BSE hit the news it dawned on many
that they cannot blindly trust everything that’s being put in front of them. It was the beginning of
an awareness building process that put organic food and farming on the agenda. This new, critical consumer is still our friend 30 years later and we dedicate this anniversary to all those who accompanied us throughout these years, from the early pioneer times up to today.
This new, critical citizen gives our lives a purpose, is our encouragement and keeps us going on a daily base.


To celebrate these exciting 30 years we have planned a flurry of activities for our loyal, but also for new consumers and we hope that at the end of this year the organic movement will have many new followers.

Finally, perhaps it would be a good idea if you or your staff would brush up your baking skills with
our Online Baking Course as well. In this way you could engage with your customers, have a talking point and highlight food as the main source of our health.

Thank you.

Josef, Marianne and Julia Finke

Ballybrado House,
Cahir, Co. Tipperary.
April 2013