The Mill

Two 3ft diameter stone mills are the heart of the mill where the organic grains are turned into flour by our miller, Donal Creedon.

Large holding bins are filled after harvest to guarantee a year-round supply.

Before the grain is milled it is of course thoroughly cleaned. To make sure that only grain is milled the cleaning machine takes out everything that is smaller than grain, bigger than grain, heavier than grain, lighter than grain or shaped differently to grain.

Great care is taken that the flour does not heat up at milling to make sure that none of the nutrients are affected. To establish the right milling grade Donal will feel the flour between his finger tips until he is happy with the result.

From here the flour is either directly filled into 25kg sacks or moved to the packing station for retail packing. A timing mechanism, developed by Donal, fills the packs so accurately that only a spoonful might be needed by the packer to achieve the correct weight.

From here the flour goes into the four corners of Ireland: health food shops, delicatessen, restaurants and supermarkets with a good food agenda.