Let Food Be Your Medicine

Over the last 65 years chemical agriculture and additives in food have destroyed the environment and devastated public health. Billions of Euros are now spent year after year to deal with the consequences of so-called cheap food.

Now the big food companies turn us over to the big pharmaceutical companies to repair the damage, or better to keep us alive long enough to extract and maximise profits from our ill health.

However, more and more people have decided to take charge of their own well-being. They have made a conscious decision to eat well and have started developing their knowledge about the building blocks of health and the nutritional requirements of their body.

We are of course no scientists on nutrition and health matters, however, being organic farmers and producers of organic food for over 25 years led automatically to taking a strong interest in these issues. As soon as you start taking charge of your own well-being you feel a need to improve your knowledge about the workings of your body.

With this in mind, the information about the health benefits of individual ingredients which we gathered over the years from a variety of sources is a mixture of scientific and non-scientific information but we can of course not guarantee or verify anything said about them. It is rather us having informed ourselves on your behalf and passing this information on to you. It is not meant to substitute your own efforts but to encourage you to take your interest further.

During our lifetime we have many situations where we have to make a decision which affects our health and that of our family. In those situations it is good not to have to depend on your doctor or the pharmaceutical industry to decide on your behalf. Get involved with your own health.