Health benefits of Spelt

Spelt is one of the healthiest foods you can find. A gentle food for the whole digestive tract and a powerful agent to strengthen your immune system and your nerves. Spelt contains 62% carbohydrates, 8.8% fibre, 2.7% fat and 12% protein. However, the differences are in the quality of the elements. In traces, spelt protein contains the full spectrum of all essential fatty acids. Spelt is rich in silicate, which has a positive effect on concentration and mental power and also on the health of your skin and hair. Spelt contains more minerals and vitamins than the best wheat.

From growing to milling

Spelt is protected from the elements by a hull which is firmly attached to the grain. The removal of this hull prior to milling is expensive, requires special machinery and gives us a 40% lower yield. This is the reason why spelt is more expensive and why it was nearly forgotten. However the unique nutritional quality and baking quality has made for a huge comeback of spelt and today many people prefer spelt to wheat. This spelt flour is a whole grade spelt flour, finely milled in a 3ft diameter stone mill. In this way all the goodness of spelt is maintained and you get a nutty flavour, so much appreciated in spelt.

Spelt in Comparison to other Wheat(s):

  • Approximately 30% higher in Thiamin (Vitamin B1)
  • Approximately 25% higher in B6
  • Approximately 45% higher in Vitamin E
  • Higher in unsaturated fatty acids (mainly Linol acid and Linoleen acid) which are important for regeneration of nerve cells.
  • It is warming and supports good blood circulation
  • It is higher in water solubility, making it easier to digest and aiding in the nutrients being more easily absorbed by the body.
  • Approximately 10-25% higher in protein…promoting fitness strength, muscle expansion and endurance. Many endurance athletes find spelt to be invaluable during training.
  • It has a higher percentage of Amino Acids
  • It has a higher level of L-Tryptophan which in turn promotes and aids in the production of serotonin.