Ballybrado Baking Course

Hello everyone,

You are all very welcome to our new Ballybrado web site. My name is Julia Finke and I’ve been a chef for the best part of ten years. To celebrate 30 years organic food and farming this year at Ballybrado we decided to do this baking course online to help all those who are willing to get involved in baking to get started. Since we don’t want to be dependant on third parties we have to take control of what we eat, firstly for health reasons and secondly for sheer food enjoyment. I realise it is difficult for many of you to get the time to bake and cook at home but here are some easy and time efficient recipes to start you off and that will hopefully get you excited and enthusiastic about baking some more.

Here at Ballybrado we prefer to bake with whole grade flour. This means that we use the whole ground grain, where nothing is taken away and nothing is added. This give the highest possible nutritious value you can get. To see the nutritious value of whole grade flour have a look at our web page Health Benefits of grain and wholegrade flour.

I bake most recipes with whole grade Spelt flour because it is a superior grain, is more nutritious and tastes nuttier. You can use wheat flour or white flour for any of the recipes though. For the white flour use a little less liquids than whole grade flours.