Ballybrado Organic Food - About Us

Hardly any name in Ireland is so closely linked to the rise of the organic sector than that of Ballybrado.

Since its establishment in 1983 when the focus was on diversity, living soil and respect for nature, the message has however shifted, now raising awareness for the shortcomings of today’s industrial food, the need for taking charge of one’s own well-being and last but not least the pleasure of enjoying good food.

Initially Ballybrado was a synonym in the public's mind, for organic wholegrade flour nothing added, nothing taken away – the product range today has widened considerably, especially since the next generation has joined the Ballybrado enterprise. Being a qualified chef, Julia now brings the “kitchen element” to the Ballybrado brand. Baking is her favourite of all the categories of food preparation and this can be seen in her new products.



Looking ahead, the emphasis at Ballybrado will be on encouraging people to get involved in one of the essentials of life: food. We hope that this website will help in developing baking and cooking skills for everyone, even children.

Making people aware of the dangers of losing control over our food – be it to the food industry or GM technology – is the big challenge of today and like 25 years ago, Ballybrado will be a forefront ally when it comes to taking on this challenge.

As it is generally expected today that companies do have a mission statement we tried to summarise our “mission” in the following sentence:

Mission Statement

“Our objective at Ballybrado is to spread the joy of food and living in harmony with nature, and taking a responsible role in society by producing wholesome and tasty food in a sustainable manner”.